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Laundry Services (1)

Q: What is the compensation policy if my item is damaged or lost?

Household Cleaning (1)

Q: Where do you find your cleaning specialists?

General Enquiries (6)

Q: I am looking for services that are currently not available in the website. Can you supply these services?
Q: I cannot attend one out of the 4 yoga classes. Am I allowed a refund/ switch of class timings?
Q: Can I order the services if I do not stay in a condominium?
Q: How do i know if my booking has been confirmed?
Q: Can i change booking date for Group Classes?
Q: Am I able to make changes to my Private Class Timings?

Sports and Wellness (5)

Q: How do you select instructors?
Q: What happens if I don’t like the instructor of the class after my first session? Can I switch classes or get a refund?
Q: Do we need to bring our own equipment for classes?
Q: Are there any refunds if I cannot make it for Yoga Class?
Q: What is the minimum age for Swimming Classes? Are there Group or Private classes for Swimming?